The Workforce Intelligence Company, Acclaro works with organizations to take a data first approach to understanding organizational performance through a People Lens.  A data-driven approach is the intelligent way to intervene into organizational systems for the purpose of improvement and sustainability.  Our approach seeks to reveal and to understand, to develop a context dependent intelligence regarding an organization.  This approach is contrary to common approaches that are driven by suspicion, personal intuition and other organizations “best practices”.  Our approach helps organizations to see clearly the next steps forward for improvement – in both people and organizational systems, for their unique organizational context.

The data, and subsequent knowledge and intelligence comes from the comprehensive Organizational Agility and Engagement (OAE) Assessment.  This valid and reliable* assessment is designed to measure the most common drivers of organizational performance.  The assessment also reveals the organizations relative adaptive capacity – its potential ability to change and evolve successfully.  Given our belief that the future is ALL about change, uncertainty and complexity, organizations need to develop a deep capacity for evolving and changing.  This capacity is an extension or function of the people within the system or organization.